Generally Crackin' Animals

Planet Earth is home to around 8,700,000 different species... here are some great ones you may not have seen.. 1. Regal Ringneck Snake

2. Amazon Milk Frog
3. Eucharitid wasp
4. Bobbit Worm 
5. Wolf Spider

6. Red Capped Goldfish
7. Armadillo girdled lizard

8. The Pink Bottlenose Dolphin

9. The Mexican Walking Fish (which is interestingly actually an amphibian)

10. The Amber Phantom Butterfly

11. The Lesula Monkey

Recently discovered in 2007 and then confirmed in 2012 this fascinating relative is found in the Lomani Basin of the Congo.

12. The Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus Phantasticus)

13. The Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis shrimp is the bad motherfucker of shrimps. It stores energy and with a spring mechanism, propels it's 'club' and smashes it's prey with the force 10,000 times that of gravity and can boil the water around it!

14 A cardinal Gynandromorph

This real life poker-ball is an animal that has both female and male sexual characteristics, as each sex is different col…